Precision sealing with 3M

Precision sealing with 3M


  • 3M™ MS Caulkable Sealer in action

    3M™ MS Caulkable Sealer

    Designed to seal interior and exterior automotive body joints, the 3M MS polymer based sealer provides a permanent, hard and flexible seal. Using the cartridge with a 3M pneumatic gun allows for precision sealing, which is perfect for overlapping floor panels or restoring the original finish of door hemming flange. See our step-by-step demonstration below for expert advice on precision sealing:


    1. The nozzle is gently flattened into an oval shape to help recreate the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) appearance of the sealer. Use a pair of pliers to apply pressure to the nozzle without closing it up.
    2. Using a sharp blade or knife, the nozzle should be cut at an angle at the appropriate place, depending on the width of bead required. It can then be fitted to the cartridge.
    3. Test beads can now be made. This process will ensure confidence with the sealer flow and nozzle opening size, while allowing you to practise creating an even line.
    4. If necessary, fine adjustments to the sealer flow can be made by twisting the dial at the rear of the applicator. Several test beads may be required to achieve the required flow.
    5. Hold the pneumatic gun at an angle and squeeze the trigger to produce a smooth, steady application on the desired surface. The choice of MS rather than polyurethane means that the door can be sealed and painted immediately.
    6. To finish, the corners can be tooled out with a spreader. Any excess sealer should be wiped away with a lint-free cloth to ensure a smooth finish.

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